I love it when motherhood inspires us to pursue our dreams and make the world a better place for our children.

Meet Keewa of Kido.
While shopping for her infant son, performing artist Keewa Nurullah had trouble finding fashion with messages that aligned with her morals and values. Instead of being resigned to traditional baby clothes, she started her own line with her husband Doug!
“We wanted to create a line of tees that would be aspirational, fun and unique in the kids’ clothing market,” said Keewa Nurullah, co-founder of Kido. “Our tagline, ‘Put on the Positive,’ is meant to set the tone for all of the tees we create and our relationship with our customers. We are purposeful about affirming our sons and this line of clothing is an extension of that. Kido is for the next generation of awesome individuals.”
I’m in love with her style. Her first line features sayings like “Sweet Like Payton,” “Phenomenal Like Maya” and “Fast Like Flo Jo,” paying homage to inspirational figures like Walter Payton, Maya Angelou and Florence Griffith Joyner. The line is meant to reflect the personality and promise of the kido line and instill pride in our heritage and black role models.
I shop Kido. If you visit the Back to School homepages of mainstream sites like Zara, Gap and H&M you won’t find any photos of children of color. I shop online, and Cam is integral in picking out her own clothes. Representation matters.
So much of what we know and understand comes from the media around us.  If we choose to exclude significant portions of our population in our media, we are sending a message not only that we are not valued, we are also preventing everyone from better understanding the diverse world we live in.
Check out www.KidoChicago.com Support a beautiful mompreneur and a successful black owned family business all in one shot! Also, the local kid models on her site are THE CUTEST!!!!
See below for shots of our fun playdate with Cam and little Faraz on the southside of the beautiful Windy City!
The Lawrences (and the Nurullahs)


“Birds flying high, you know how I feel.” Nina Simone lyrics in the flyest fonts.






Friends who are family 🙂
Make a funny face!!
Kido apparel is primarily sold online at www.kidochicago.com. Occasionally, you can catch them for sale in person at Chicago-area artisan bazaars and marketplaces. Check their instagram for up to date info  @KidoChicago.

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