This聽on-the-go聽breakfast packs perfectly into a 16oz or 8oz mason jar for a breakfast that travels well anywhere.

Full disclaimer: I聽do聽have to wake up 20聽minutes earlier on the mornings when I pack these…but they work for both my breakfast and my kids lunches, so聽it’s totally聽worth it. I line everything up at night in the fridge so I don’t waste time searching for all the ingredients. My breakfast gets layered into a mason jar or a simple bowl while the kids’ servings go in plastic jars in their lunch bags.

Shake up your breakfast and try out these oatmeal recipes. I’m always looking for ways to add a new twist to an old staple. Plain oatmeal, while packed with nutrients,聽can become monotonous in the breakfast routine. The three recipes below are easy ways to add an extra layer of nutrition and vitamins to your family’s meals without sucking聽too much聽time out of already busy聽mornings.聽

Not only are they healthy and delicious,聽they all take under 10 minutes….breakfast in a flash. Go, Superstar!


The Lawrences聽

I’m currently trying to聽incorporate 2 tablespoons of coconut oil into my family’s diet each day.

This benefits of this miracle oil are endless. It聽raises your metabolism and is a superb energy source. Plus, its lauric acid content supports your immune system and helps your body fight off disease. It’s basically good for everything ,and if you’re looking for simple ways to stay healthy, this is an easy start.