It took me  5 years  to learn how to cornrow. I always imagined that she’d just rock an afro, or some version of a wash and go style…maybe a twist out? I learned early on that we needed a more protective style to keep her hair healthy and promote growth.

Cornrows, twists and box braids are the easiest styles for little girls. They help the hair relax and grow  by avoiding the daily stress of combing and brushing. Once I learned the basics of cornrows, it made life one step easier for us. I’ve finally eliminated haircare from my morning to-do list! The video tutorial linked below, lots of practice, and watching some very skilled braiders helped me to master these beautiful style.

If you’re looking for some new and inventive protective styles that last for 2-3 weeks, check out the gallery below. It’s my personal collection of screenshots from all over the web that I’m sharing with you!

Remember, practice makes perfect!

The Lawrences

Practice, practice, practice!


Inspiration: Kids Braid Gallery

I refer to this gallery every time I need a little inspiration for braid
patterns and protective styles!
These 30+ styles curated from the web and Pinterest have helped me when I’m in a bind
and need to get my daughters hair together!





Illustration by Christian Robinson @theartoffun


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