Here I am again in all this black and white. I promised myself at the beginning of the summer that I was gong to incorporate more color. Yet here we are today….

This black and white uniform that I’ve created for my daughter and I is fail proof! A graphic black and white print with a pop of color and you’re done! We basically have a very large capsule wardrobe. Pretty much everything we own is black, white or grey. There are stripes, graphic prints and polka dots. Lots of ruffles and fun shapes as well. But the core palette is one that provides so much flexibility. Everything matches….making it a breeze to get the both of us out the door on busy mornings. Therefore my sentiment regarding my signature style is, if it ain’t broke……

The best part of our style is that it’s always budget friendly. I have so little time for shopping these days. I used to hit every sample sale across New York City, searching for the best designer deals. I’d spend my lunch break at discount department stores…TJMaxx, Century 21, Marshall’s—constantly adding trendy, affordable pieces to my closet. My outfit, both the super fun tassel necklace and the graphic jumper are from Target. (Yes, I buy my paper towels and one-piece rompers at the same shop.) Cam in head-to-toe Old Navy which  is always budget friendly…..especially if you time things out and catch a 40% off sale.

See below for our weekend mommy and me style. (Also below the best blooper reel from our photographer Hendrix Wildflower, who caught us in the middle of an impromptu dance off.)

The Lawrences



Mommy and me Brooklyn style at its finest.


On Mom

On Cam

Photography by Hendrix Wildflower Photo




Here we being our super silly selves. These outtakes were taken in between shots. Cameron was losing her steam and starting to whine about the post shoot ice cream I promised her.  I’m a sucker, so I’ll do close to anything to put a smile back on her face.
All I have to do is cue up the 
Trolls soundtrack to Sunshine in My Pocket. She learned a routine during after school last year and it  instantly lifts her spirits. Lesson from Trolls: Happiness is inside of all of us 🙂 


Nia Lawrence has over 10 years of experience working as an Art Director at some of the top magazinesin New York City. She was responsible for creating visual content for companies such as Real Simple, Latina, Redbook, Women's Health, Martha Stewart Living, Suede and Victoria's Secret.. ​ Brooklyn, NY is home to the mom of one who currently runs the Nia Lawrence Design Studio, a print and digital marketing company.

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