The Lawrence Family Guide to Bedtime:
Fill her humidifier, crack the window, 2 bedtime stories (with gusto), take away 1 pillow, give her 2 sips of water, turn on the nightlight, add 1 extra blanket, spray 3 pumps of lavender mist, find her stuffed bunny, tuck them in, turn out the hallway light, promise there are no monsters, 3 kisses, run and don’t look back.

All of the sudden, my 5 year old is resisting bedtime….. again.
Every night is a different adventure. Will she go to bed willingly, or nah? Will there be a tantrum about sleeping in her own bed tonight, or will she give up the fight? There might be tears. There will definitely be requests for milk, water, another story…..anything to delay bedtime.
Over the past few weeks I’ve tried switching up our normal nighttime routine to start the wind down process earlier. There are so many suggestions for natural sleep aids. Here are the ones that worked best for us.

No matter what time you puts the kids down or what your routine, try some of these bedtime tricks to get your kids to stay down longer.

1/ No Screens

First and foremost, during the prep for bedtime I turn off all TVs and screens and dim the lights. I normally turn on the news after dinner to find out what fuck-shit America has in store for me each evening, but now we both destress by blocking out the extra noise and eliminating distractions. Having the lights dimmer sets the mood and helps to calm her down. She automatically defaults to a lower volume and I drop my voice to low tones just above a whisper.

2/ Massage 

I swear by this one. A two minute massage lulls this one to sleep Every. Time. She gets a short foot massage every evening…I mimic those I’ve received at spas and during pedicures. That’s it. Out.


3/ Lavender

Lavender has been shown “to slow down heart rate, slow blood pressure, and help to relax your muscles and mind. A few drops of lavender oil in the bath creates a spa like atmosphere and a  pre-bedtime body massage with a lavender lotion is a great way to wind down. If aromatherapy is your thing, try a mist. Spritz the sheets or pillows before bed and I promise the kids will be drifting off in no time. Try any one of these!

1/ L’Occitane Lavender Organic Body Lotion , 4oz, $30

2/ Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Lotion, 18oz, $10

3/ Aura Cacia Relaxing Lavender Aromatherapy Room & Body Mist – 4 oz, $8 

4/ Aura Cacia Relaxing Lavender Massage Cream – 4 oz, $10



This point is located above the bridge of the nose between the eyes.
This very relaxing acupressure point can induce sleep in
even the most reluctant sleeper. You can massage upward with medium strokes
until your little one drifts off to dreamland. 



Chamomile tea is a natural sleep inducer.
I start the pot right after dinner and she sips it until bath time. 



Bananas contain tryptopha — the same sleep-inducing amino acid that makes
you sleepy after you indulge in Thanksgiving turkey 🙂 Try banana slices on ice cream for dessert, or an evening snack of bananas with peanut butter.


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