In an effort to be a more organized mom, a better art director and a more organized woman in general, I’m joining my fellow #coolmom friend, Brooke Jazmyn, in the #NoRushNovember challenge.

We bonded on a recent roadtrip about how chaotic our mornings are. Brooke transports her 4 year old son to pre-k and then travels to her job as Communications Manager at LVMH. I’m responsible for getting my 6 year old off the 1st grade and then traveling to my clients at Essence Magazine. The added pressure to be current on the latest style and beauty trends adds another layer of panic in the a.m. Like HOW am I supposed to pack a lunch, brush everyone’s teeth, wash the mornings dishes AND manage to cover my under eye bags and add a fun lip color?

Hoping to organize life a little more as we accept the No Rush November challenge. #norushnovember

Instead of making new years resolutions we’re getting our shit together today. It takes 21 days to change a habit. Starting now ensures that we’ll definitely enlist some healthier practices that can help us change our patterns for a more balanced day from sun up to that last bedtime story.

#NoRushNovember Challenge

I don’t understand why we struggle with the mornings…We should have the same routine everyday. Every single day it’s the same thing. Get breakfast. Get dressed. Get your book bag packed. Get up at 6am. Get to it. Rise and f*cking shine. Yet I find myself every morning calculating how many times I can hit the snooze button and how many responsibilities I can shave off my list 🙂

I reached out a few more friends and found out that there’s an epidemic of chaotic mornings plaguing moms across the country. Yes, we can get the kids to school on time but the road to the classroom is a rough one. While I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only one rushing around all day, I want to see if I can help us find some general solutions, tips and tricks to making the day smoother.

Follow @mochamommy @br00keonthebrightside and #NoRushNovember. Tag us with your tips, your life hacks your funny failures and any products that help you live a more fabulous and organized life. We’ll all be super pinterest moms by November 21st.


Nia Lawrence has over 10 years of experience working as an Art Director at some of the top magazinesin New York City. She was responsible for creating visual content for companies such as Real Simple, Latina, Redbook, Women's Health, Martha Stewart Living, Suede and Victoria's Secret.. ​ Brooklyn, NY is home to the mom of one who currently runs the Nia Lawrence Design Studio, a print and digital marketing company.

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