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While helping her plan her next playdate, my daughter announced that she wants a “table of ice cream cones” for all her friends.

(A What??? I asked politely…)

After further questioning, I discovered that what she actually wants is a small display for her favorite dessert: Ice Cream Cones. So I immediately got to work to make her little dream a reality. Ice cream melts quickly, so traditional ice cream cones didn’t work. They literally started melting Immediately. I solved this problem by using Nestle’s Drumsticks®. They were so easy! There was no need to prep tons of ingredients and do a lot of hands on work— Drumsticks come ready to go. Simply slide them out of their packaging AND the ice cream is coated in a soft chocolate shell.

Now, through June 18th, Stop and Shop is offering $1 off when you buy 2 boxes of OUTSHINE, Skinny Cow Ice Cream, or Drumstick products. Click the photo for a link to the coupon!

It was a super fun and easy project that took about 20 minutes and cost $2.00.  (Seriously!) Try it out as a display for all your summer parties! BONUS: If you try it and love it, let us know in the comments section below!

The Lawrences
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DIY Ice Cream Cone Stand (aka “A Table of Ice Cream Cones”)


Ice Cream Cone Display Tutorial

Nestle Drumsticks
A Cardboard Box (You can use the Nestle box if you don’t have another handy.)
An X-acto Knife
Wrapping paper that matches the theme of your party
A Pencil



  1. Start by wrapping your cardboard box. Any box will do. Just make sure that it can hold the number of drumsticks you  need to display. Ours was 10 inches x 10 inches. I was so pleased that Cam chose this gridded wrapping paper…it helped so much for step 2!

2. When the box is wrapped, measure the amount of space you would like between each Drumstick. The circle needs to be smaller so the cone can sit in it. I used a quarter to mark the hole for each cone. (You can create a simple template if you’re as OCD as I am. Simply fold a piece of paper the same size as the box into equal parts….use each folded line as a guide for where to place a hole. With this 10 inch box, I fit 3 holes across roughly 1.5 inches away from each other.)


3. Grab a box of Drumsticks, fill it up and serve!


Where To Find:

Stop and Shop Downtown Brooklyn! Conveniently located near Atlantic Terminal just across from the Barclays Center




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